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Give me a few minutes and I will tell you the whole truth about security systems and share information that will serve you well in making a decision about what to purchase and more importantly, who to purchase it from. Security is such an important decision, that you must read and use this information I am sharing with you. At the end of this page, I have a real secret for you!

You can switch security providers, just like your electrical service. Why pay twice as much to a big corporate company that keeps raising fees? Why not use a company that provides fast and efficient service and takes care of your issues. Amazingly, we have had only one price increase in 11 years. It was 45 cents and occurred 6 years ago.

Nothing is truly free. What happens in most cases is that you pay a really high monitoring price for that free stuff. Take the time to do the math.

Every security system will someday need service and repair. I guarantee it. There is no way around it. Do you talk with a live person on the phone when you call your security company? Do you know the owner? Do you know the technicians? These people are going to be working in your home or business unsupervised with access to your valuables. Can you drive and walk into their business and speak with them? How long have they been in business? Are references available? Who are they providing security for? Local service could be the most important decision that you make.

There is nothing wrong with getting the most value for your money. I feel that way too. However, cheap alarm systems offer very little protection. They are easy to tamper with and defeat. Do you really want a cheaper system to be the deciding factor in your family's security solution? Some companies sell you a cheap system but are not there to help you when you need it the most. Why would you put your family's security in the hands of an out of town or out of state security company?
These are some of the most important decisions you will make in deciding on your security system. There are other considerations which I will be glad to share with you. If you want great service, excellent equipment, expert installation and a relationship that you can trust, we are the company for you.
Forney Alarm Systems and its sister company Terrell Alarm Systems are the largest alarm companies located in Kaufman County. We have served thousands of satisfied and loyal customers for over 11 years. We currently serve security needs for several cities, school districts, county facilities, correctional and judicial facilities and electrical utility providers in this and surrounding counties. This is in addition to our many residential, commercial and industrial customers.
As for that real secret I mentioned. Here it is. We are the most value priced security company you will find. When you do the math, add up the installation and monitoring, you will pay less with us. You can use the word cheapest, I call it "Best Value".
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We look forward to being your security company.

Thank you,
Joe Smith